Whale Watching and Swimming with Humpback Whales

The Tongan Beach Resort is in the enviable position of being able to offer Unique Whale Watching Experiences to our guests.

The waters in front of our resort are on the seasonal migration path of the Humpback whales and these magnificent mammals can often be seen with their young from June to November.

Tonga is one of the only places on earth where you are able to swim with Humpback Whales.  There are few things in this world that can rival swimming with these whales and experiencing their beauty, majesty and sheer size only meters away from you.

Large numbers of Humpback Whales arrive in these calm, safe waters to mate and give birth to their calves.  Vava’u offers several professionally operated  whale watching/swim tours who can put you into the water right alongside these colossal mammals. We are able to book you on the best of these tours however we recommend that you request this at the time of your reservation as many of the tours can be sold out due to the popularity of this unique experience.

Whale sightings in Vava’u are reliable since the shallow coastline that the whales frequent is accessible to boats, in fact it’s not uncommon for these beautiful sea creatures to pass in front of the Resort. Moreover, the humpback whale is among the most interesting of whales to observe owing to its impressive acrobatic displays such as fluke, flipper and head slapping,  lob tailing, spy hopping, and breaching.