Tongan Beach Resort is located in the beautiful Vava’u island group, north of Tongatapu. There is no better place on earth to enjoy world-class diving, snorkelling, whale watching, kayaking, fishing, sailing, secluded beaches, translucent water and peaceful surroundings. It’s unique charm and beauty creates this true jewel of the South Pacific as an exciting destination where visitors can explore, discover and enjoy Tonga’s best kept secrets.

Tongan Beach Resort spans 180 meters of beachfront with all 12 guest rooms enjoying views of the golden sand beach and crystal clear turquoise waters of the Port of Refuge Harbour.

The resort is nestled on the beachfront of the island of ‘Utungake. There is safe swimming at all tides. We have a fully licensed restaurant in addition to our Sandpit Bar, library, beach towels, and water taxi service to Neiafu and back.

All rooms are only meters away from the water’s edge and are fitted with electric ceiling fans with open entrances allowing for a natural sea breeze if desired. Each room has its own covered decked balcony with table and chairs to relax on.

Vava’u is accessible by air from Tongatapu, utilizing Tonga’s domestic airline service, Real Tonga Ltd. The domestic flight is approximately 55 minutes and is scheduled daily, with the exception of Sunday.

For guest’s convenience, Tongan Beach Resort provides a personal meet and greets service on your arrival at Vava’u Airport. The resort is located just 25 minutes by road from the Airport.


Vava’u is truly nature's aquatic adventureland and the Tongan Beach Resort is located at the crossroads of everyday Vava’u life afloat. Each of the water based activity operators pass our doorstep (actually our wharf ) everyday.


Dining at the Tongan Beach Resort, is renowned in Vava’u. Offering Pacific Rim cuisine with local fish fresh from the sea not surprisingly being a specialty.


Our Resort here in Vava'u - Is nestled on the beachfront of the island of 'Utungake, just minutes 25 minutes by road from the airport.